Make unique Christmas cards using handmade papers

Christmas cards

Make unique Christmas cards using handmade papers

Have you started making your Christmas cards? Or are you thinking about it but haven’t started because you’re stuck for ideas.
My main rule for card making is Keep it simple especially if you’re going to make a large number for occasions like Christmas. I keep to simple embellishments – perhaps ribbon, and Christmas themed stickers. However, my big-time saver – some of those gift tags you buy in packs from the supermarket. They are a source of affordable, cheap card toppers. Cut the back off, stick it on your card, job done!

But that’s not all. My not-so-secret weapon is using unique, handmade papers; unlike any you will find in shops. Put these elements together and you can quickly and easily create a selection of distinctive Christmas cards that will surprise and impress family, friends, and work colleagues.

Here at halcyon Steppe, we sell a wide range of handmade papers in many colours and textures. The photographs included show how I have used a selection of our papers to make Christmas cards.  

All but one of the cards is C6 size (an A5, which is half an A4, folded over). This size will guarantee that you will have no problems posting through Australia Post as your card is well within their size limit for Christmas card postage.

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