Creating with Sari Ribbon – The Freestyle BOHO SCARF

Boho Scarf

Creating with Sari Ribbon – The Freestyle BOHO SCARF

One of the most popular samples we display at markets is a FREESTYLE BOHO SCARF. We could have sold it many times over.

This is simple to make. You don’t even need to be able to stitch a straight line.

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  • Skein of Sari Ribbon. The sample used a multi colour skein, but you can use a single colour or one of the bi/tricolour options
  • Bits and pieces from your fabric/craft stash – bits of lace, ribbon, cord, feathery yarn
  • Wash Away or similar. (Available at fabric stores) use this to temporarily baste everything together.
  • Thread – to complement or contrast.


  1. Iron the sari ribbon flat
  2. Decide how long you want your scarf. Cut into lengths
  3. On a large surface lay out your sari ribbon lengths on the Wash Away. Then add your other bits and pieces. Be as random as you like. Leave some “tails” at each end. (TIP – It will be much easier if you set your table or bench top up as an ironing surface with layers of sheets, etc to protect the surface. This way you don’t have to move your piece to a separate ironing area.)
  4. Iron your scarf according to the instructions with the Wash Away
  5. Using your sewing machine, randomly, crazily stitch over the scarf. The idea is to madly
  6. zig zag everywhere to secure your pieces.
  7. Rinse the scarf to remove the Wash Away

Boho scarf

You now have a unique Boho scarf. But BE WARNED, you probably should make a few because you’re sure to be asked for one. They might just make ideal gifts!

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