Different Types of Lace Trims and Their Uses

Different Types of Lace Trims and Their Uses

Lace is an extremely delicate fabric made of natural substances like silk, wool, cotton and viscose. In today’s modern fashion world, one can find them in lightweight and heavyweight form. The weight of lace is mainly dependent on its type and range. There are several lace trims in Australia containing various designs which include the floral as well as botanical.

Lace Types

Earlier, lace was made use of to prepare a wedding dress. Now, with the styles of fashion changing over time, this material is getting used more commonly than ever before. Right from being the core material to a finishing hem, lace trim has gained quite a significant spot in the fashion industry across the world.

Nowadays, there are different types of lace trims used for various purposes:

Lyon Lace Trims:

It is one kind of openwork fabric, made of 100% cotton which gets used for delicate embellishments. It resembles lace but comes up in a variety of widths ranging from 5cm to 30cm. There are some lace trims whose edges contain eyelash scallops.

Lyon Lace trims can help you in the following ways:

  • One can use lace trims for making bridal outfits.


  • It could enhance the look of your favourite evening gown.


  • You can even make a skirt out of this Lyon Lace trim.


Silk Lace Trims:

The silk lace trims in Australia contain delicate floral and teardrop design which is quite smooth and soft to the touch. The silk lace, also known as Chantilly lace, can be found in several colours which are available after getting them dyed with natural colours.

The various uses of silk lace trims are as follows:

  • As it offers a statement of luxury, so silk lace trims always form a part of the modern fashion trend.


  • One can also use them as decoratives on table cloths, curtains and other outfits.


  • You can even find silk lace trims in shawls, veils and other forms of trimmings.



Organza Lace Trims:

Organza Lace refers to a thin weave of silk fabric. For creating the right kind of fashion appeal, one can use Organza Lace Trims in Australia:

  • People who love to keep up with the modern trend and look stylish.



You can even make different accessories meant for wedding, anniversaries and birthday parties or to accompany the casual look of yours with veils, bands, sashes and organza bracelets.

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