Essential Things You Need To Know About Handmade Paper

Essential Things You Need To Know About Handmade Paper

Our modern world is all about the use of email, mobile phones and voice mail but still, there are people, who put great emphasis on the paper that stands out from the crowd. The handmade plantable paper has a distinct, tactile surface that makes it extremely special and each sheet of plantable paper is made by hand. Handmade paper efficiently converts waste scraps of cotton fabric, office paper as well as blue jeans and includes wildflower seeds to turn it into magnificent sheets of paper.
Let us now discuss some of the essential things that one should know regarding Handmade Paper:

The Look and Texture

The handmade paper offers a unique look and texture that sets it apart from paper which gets made from a machine. The real beauty of this paper is that one sheet is completely different from another. Each piece is made to size and hence, it has a feathery touch on all its four sides. The feathery edge mainly occurs when the handmade paper is made and that helps to enhance the look of it. What Is This

Paper Ideally Suited For?

This kind of paper has a very rich texture, thus making it perfect to meet different purposes. They are:

  • It allows one to draw in it.
  • One can even write on this paper
  • Bind it into books.
  • Can be used for rubber stamping purpose as well.

Method of Making A Handmade Paper

Let us now take a look into the process of making this handmade paper:

  • It begins with a base pulp that is often used completely from consumer waste, cotton fibre for getting beautiful sheets of handmade paper, free from acid.
  • Then, add pigments as well inclusions like seeds and petals to the pulp.
  • Handmade paper gets its uniqueness through the materials that are added to the pulp in the base.
  • Next, the pulp used for making handmade paper gets added to a papermaking vat.
  • Papermaker stands right in front of the vat and by using a mould and deckle which is specifically designed for making hand paper, the papermaker manages to pull the set through the pulp.
  • Once the sheet is drained, the handmade paper gets couched into a pad of felts that gets layered with added layers of handmade papers and felts, which gets pressed in a hand papermaking press.
  • At last, the handmade paper gets removed from the press and then is dried out in a special dryer system, specially designed for handmade paper.

So, knowing the aspects mentioned above can help you utilize handmade paper in the best possible manner.

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