What is Handmade Paper? How is it useful?

handmade paper

What is Handmade Paper? How is it useful?

Handmade paper is a type of paper that is created by hand, usually by a single person. It is made up of a single sheet of intertwined fibers. These are held together by the intrinsic bonding characteristics of cellulose fibers. A flat frame known as a deckle is used to cover the mold. The run-off from the wet pulp is collected in this container.

The mold is then shaken to spread the fibers uniformly, and any excess water is drained. Handmade papers include natural differences in texture and pattern, which should be considered separate character qualities. Minor variations in paperweight, as well as surface flaws or specks, are possible. 

 The reason why one should use handmade paper is that:

  1. It is environmentally friendly: we as human beings have polluted our planet and therefore it is our responsibility to make a conscious decision to help keep our planet clean. With handmade paper, the waste generated is extremely low and the product made is recyclable.


  1. The beauty of handcrafted paper is inarguable. Lacy, irregular edgesvibrant colors, and luscious textures its distinct beauty is due to two factors. The fiber used has its own physical traits that contribute to the paper‘s distinct handmade paper can be decorated with flower petals. It is not just a paper it is a work of art.


  1. When compared to standard paper, the handmade paper offers higher tensile, bursting, tearing, and double-fold strength. This is due to two factors. For starters, the raw materials employed have better natural bonding qualities. Second, by eliminating mass production processes and corrosive chemicals, the manufacturing process preserves the raw materials’ natural strength. It paper is ideal for both writing and printing because of this. Handmade paper is the ideal medium for screen printers.


A paper that is so versatile can be used for everything be it for wrapping gifts or making a journal or taking down notes for school and collages. Check out our collection of handmade paper and make a conscious choice to be green and environment-friendly.

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