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Quality Work

We offer quality work in designing products like, braids, motifs, costume for belly dancers and other accessories.

Free Delivery

Get uniquely crafted high-quality handmade materials delivered to your place, totally free of cost.

24 Hour Support

Our professionals are there to provide day and night support for meeting the urgent needs of the customers.

100% Money Back

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee on all our items. Share your honest feedback with us and we will return your paid amount.


We ensure that the items you have purchased from us remain in the best possible condition and hence offer quality packaging of all those items.

Fast Delivery

You can expect to express delivery of goods and items at your place to help meet your demands on time.

why Choose Us

We understand your requirements for different items like hand-made papers, sari silk products etc made from high-quality materials from us.  We remain committed to delivering our products on time.

Computer-aided design (CAD), as well as high-tech lasers, go hand-in-hand with craftsmanship. Hence, our professionals make use of these latest technologies to meet your needs for different items effectively.

Halcyon Steppe prides itself for being professional , understanding the customers’ needs. and working hard to reliably provide quality products, promptly to our customers.

Parcels are sent by Express Post, getting them to you quickly. We process and post orders as soon as possible after receiving your order and will let you know if there is a supply problem.

We have sourced a range of fair trade products, many of which are hand made or produced by small family businesses. Because we deal directly with producers and skip the middle man,  we can offer our products at very affordable prices. Our belief is that selling high quality products at affordable rates means we can share the joy more widely!

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