Uses Of Jacquard Ribbon

Uses Of Jacquard Ribbon

Jacquard refers to a tightly woven ribbon which is perfectly suitable for embellishing projects of all kinds and enhancing their beauty to a different level. The projects include the likes of crafts, home decor, clothing, accessories, purses and many more. The ribbon is extremely detailed, has a high quality, very colourful and beautiful to look at. Some of the most unique patterns and designs get woven into jacquard, hence making it one of the most breathtaking ribbons which are easily distinguishable.
Some of the most popular Jacquard Ribbons that are usually available include the likes of Circle Waves, Multi Jewels, Bukhara, Paisley, Palmette, Suzani and many more.
Let us briefly discuss some of the uses of Jacquard Ribbon which can uplift your craft ideas substantially:
One can use Jacquard Ribbon to make headbands, greeting cards, invitations, picture frames, hair accessories, placemats and table runners. You can also make towels, scarves, aprons, belts, purses, wallets, change purses, tote bags, clutches, cheque book holders and several other things.

You can also use this Ribbon as your project. Simply take some ribbon end caps, a strand of jewellery chain along with two clasps and you can turn one strip of jacquard into a completely elegant bracelet that looks quite trendy.

Jacquard can also get converted into watchbands. This is especially ideal for all those who wish to experiment with their look or wear stylish watchbands which ideally correspond with specific outfits. Different kinds of ribbon designs can let you prepare a bracelet that matches each outfit that is present in your wardrobe.

Another great project based on the theme of jacquard could be key chains. You can make use of a simple key chain ring, add some fabric glue along with a couple of beads, hence transform one strip of jacquard into a truly creative and fully customized key chain.

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